The Coolest Custom Built Electric Assisted Tricycles Every Made.

The V1 E Trike is the very First Hybrid Pedal and Electric Assisted Vehicle on the New East Bay Bridge Bike Path and Span.

The Opening of the New East Bay Bridge Bike Path and Span   was and is an Historical Event;

 and because the V1 E-Trike and it’s design was The First Hybrid Electric Vehicle on the New East Bay Bridge Span, and Bike Path gives the V1 E-Trike an Historical Value. 


Your going to love that the V1 E-Trike is so much fun and that it’s so easy to ride that you don’t even realize that you’re exercising in while cruising. It steers from the rear, and you will feel that it’s a blast to ride! It handles very similar to the Green Machine that most of you had when you were kids, but it’s Bigger, Beefier, and Badder. You are going to find out that The V1 E-Trike is a Sweet Ride, because the people are going to tell you so.

The V1 E-Trike is street legal and  you can operate it without a drivers license.

The Bay Area has so many great riding bike paths, and bike lanes. There’s also hundreds of bike clubs here that will give you free bike safety lessons, and free bike maintenance courses. When you ride in the streets, you want take up the whole lane that your in and make sure you use your flag. It is to your benefit to follow the rules of the road and most motorist will respect you for that. Even though the V1 E-Trike sits low, it attracts the attention of motorist and most of them are very polite and usually give you the thumbs up, a nice complement on your ride, or wave at you; that’s been my experience. Ridding the V1 E-Trike makes you feel like a big old kid again, puts a big old smile on your face, and it’s a great feeling!

You’ll going to attract  a lot of attention with this ride and you’ll need to be able to handle a lot of  complements, because this custom make V1 E-Trike design is going to deliver on it’s ability to generate you Kudos.

With gas prices going up through the roof, you can still find some comfort in fact that you’re saving yourself quit a bit of gas money by using theV1 E-Trike to make your errands instead of your car.

The most fun that you will ever have is cruising along the bike paths and in family bicycle events, and around your neighborhood. There’s a basket for your cargo and an add on child seat carrier. You can use the V1 e-Trike like a Work Horse; it’s capable of pulling another rider, heavy cargo, and has good hill climbing ability.


The V1 E-Trike will slide instead of flipping on you.  You’ll find the V1 E-Trike  to be a very stable platform  with great  handling agility.   It’s real easy to do the stunt in the video, but you want proper instructions first.

When I was real young I thought that everybody rode tricycle, because that’s all I knew. And Why this Benefits You

I sometimes use the E-trike as a Therapeutic Wheel Chair when I need to ride through the Mall, or on the flea market grounds. I’ll tell the Gate or Mall security that this is a Therapeutic Wheel Chair and they allow me ride, but in all honesty I did design the V1 E-Trike first to be a Real Cool looking Therapeutic Wheelchair for people that had mobility issues. People who wanted a mobility solution that allowed them to strengthen weakened muscles, and continue to cruise  and while they rested.

The V1 E-Trike is Respectfully Built in the USA

US craftsmanship is a little costly, but it’s the best. The trike is totally awesome Expensive! These things are too sweet to be cheap.his is such a cool and amazing machine, I think that your going to love this

Sometimes You just Gotta Have some Fun! And You just Gotta Get Yourself a V1 E-Trike

Come on by on your lunch break or after work and take Quick Spin on the V1 E-Trike.
V1 E-Trike will put a smile on your face and the experience,