Custom Built One of a Kind Electric Power Assisted Tricycles

Sometimes You just Gotta  Have some Fun! Get it from the V1 E-Trike

This custom built  power assisted V1 E-Trike  is way too much fun and it’s real easy to ride. It steers from the rear, and It’s a blast to ride! The V1 E-Trike will fill a lot of applications for you:

1.) Real Cool looking Therapeutic Wheelchair.

2.) Custom Catilac Cruiser with adjustable lumbar support for your cruising pleasure.

3.) Work Horse, capable of pulling another rider or heavy cargo . 4.) Second Vehicle that requires, no license, and no gas. 5.) Save yourself a lot of money by using this V1 E-Trike on quick errands to run. You can ride on the bike paths, in the bike lane or in the street. Always stay visible by using your safety flag and learn to be street smart with safety.

Come on by on your lunch break or after work  and take Quick Spin on the V1 E-Trike. This is such a cool and amazing machine, I think that your going to love this experience.
It takes less than 2 minutes to learn to ride it.
The session  is about 10 minutes, but I guarantee you that this V1 E-Trike will put a smile on your face and the experience, will make you feel like a kid again. a $20.00
, and you’re going to want the one that fits your need.