About the Designer

 You will prosper from the designing skill that is second nature to me.

I started designing when I was 4 years old, because my mom and dad were broke, and I was a toy freak. One day I asked my mom for this toy called a Mighty Max Tow Truck, that I’d seen on TV, and she said ” Ask your dad.” When I asked him he said “We can’t eat that.” Then I remembered, and said to myself “That right, Santa will give it to me” And when Christmas came Santa kicked me to the curb. I was so mad that I said “That’s alright, that’s alright, I’ll make it myself.” Me being the toy freak that I was, and I wanted that toy so bad that I wasn’t going to stand for being denied of  it. And out of necessity I went for it. I started tearing up old toys and stuff, taking parts from here, taking parts from there. Using rubber band, Popsicle sticks and whatever I could get my hands on.

Then as I was starting to put things together I could see the a tow truck forming right before my eyes as I was working on it. It didn’t look as good as the Mighty Max Tow Truck, but I had made a fully functional toy tow truck at 4 years of age. It was really great, and I was excited as all get out when I found out that I could build stuff that I could seen in my mind. My mom would get mad at me for tearing up new toys that she got me, but she didn’t understand that I needed that part or  that function from that toy for a project I was designing .

Sometimes I’d open toys just to see what was in them, what’s making  it work, and how does it work. I was reverse engineering, and building custom made toys. I was always solving mechanical and design problems  , and I got into a lot of trouble when I started school. My teacher asked my mom what did I have going on at home that was causing me to daydream in class? I failed in the first grade, because I could not understand what ABC & 123 had to do with me finding a solution to a design problem that I had. I’ve been designing for almost all of my life.

Back in 1992 I visited a friend at a camp site ground. There I seen people having fun riding these  adult recumbent tricycles; running on the campground’s bike path. This was the first time that I had ever seen tricycles like that before. I asked the trike attendant could I ride one, and he said “these are only for our cabin guest”. Then I said to myself, “That’s alright, that’s alright, I’ll make it myself.” , so I built My First Custom Built Tricycle in 1992 and here it is.

The First Trike I built

 I love designing and I’ll do it until the day I die; The Lord willing.